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New jewel in Korlat’s line of wine – Korlat Rosé 2014

Korlat rose

The enologists at Badel 1862 have added a new wine to their line, Korlat Roséa wine that perfectly continues the series of Korlat Merlot, Korlat Cabernet Sauvignon, Korlat Syrah.  

In 2014, an extremely difficult winegrowing year due to above-average precipitation during vegetation and harvest time, only extremely good winegrowing locations were able to preserve and grow superb-quality grapes.

Such an extreme year is another confirmation of the high potential of Korlat’s location, where excellent grapes were produced despite the poor conditions, for producing superb quality wines. The fantastic location and incredible effort of Badel 1862’s excellent enologists, led by director Dubravko Ćuk, who have already proven their worth, which is especially clear in extremely difficult winegrowing years, poured the richness of the world-renowned sorts of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah into the Korlat Rosé 2014 wine

The base of Korlat Rosé 2014, is the proven king of red wines, Cabernet Sauvignonwhich accounts for 75% of the volume, and brings the richness of its various aromas to the aromatic profile. 

As far as flavor is concerned, Korlat Rosé 2014 is a full, warm, harmonious wine with a somewhat pronounced acidity, which adds a fresh note. Syrah’s well-added characteristics add elegance, opulence, liveliness and complexity. Considering the complexity of the wine, which is simultaneously elegant and strong, we recommend you pair it with: specialties made with white Adriatic fish, steak tartare, blue rare/medium rare/rare steak, shellfish…

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