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Launching the 2015 harvest


In the specially decorated ambiance of the Mano2 restaurant in Zagreb, the superb Korlat 15 wines were proudly presented to many fans of the finest wines and flavors. Delicious bites of food prepared by Chef Hrvoje Kroflin, whose culinary art paired perfectly with Korlat 15, contributed to the good mood of those gathered.

It was a special challenge to create a menu that would pair ideally exclusively with red wine, and Badel 1862’s head enologist Mr. Dubravko Ćuk shared a few words together with the head chef before each course with details about each of the offered wines.

Many guests attended the presentation, including David Skoko, Mara Bratoš, Franka Batelić, Iva Šarić, Jelena Glišić Lešić and many others. In celebration of their 15th anniversary, the fashion duo from eNVy room created a special dress that the hostess of the evening Jelena Glišić Lešić shone in for Korlat’s evening.

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