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Korlat wines 2017

Despite the extremely dry weather from June to August and the sunniest harvest on Korlat position, the early but optimal harvest time allowed us to create harmonious balanced wines with the usual alcohol content of 14 to 14.5 vol% and beautiful acids for elegance, freshness and longevity in every single drop. In this way, we completely eliminated the influence of extreme climate conditions that could have adversely affected the quality of wine, and by oenological cultivation and aging procedures as well as the careful selection of wooden barrels, we further emphasized the aromatic potential of each variety, the elegance, creaminess and harmony of flavours.

After launching the Korlat Club loyalty program for 2016 vintage with laser code printing on high-quality corks, with the new 2017 vintage we also introduced the vintage year designation to personalize these in many ways unique wines.

With this vintage, Korlat celebrates its 10 years on the market and confirms its position as category leader in premium red wines, which is also celebrated by this video glorifying the art of creation, passion and life.

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