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Korlat presented new wine gems

The premiere presentation of the new vintage of top Korlat wines in Zagreb’s Zinfandel’s restaurant has aroused great interest among connoisseurs of the Croatian wine and gastronomic scene and npumerous distinguished guests. Among those gathered were Marin Medak, Bruno Vokal, Danijela Gajski, Dino Knežević, Filip Horvat, Domagoj Jakopović Ribafish, Rene Bakalović and other famous chefs, sommelier, journalists and public figures, as well as ambassadors of Korlat vina 2016 Mirela Kardašević, David Skoko and Ivan Dečak.

Fines of fine wines had the opportunity to enjoy the premiere of the new vintage Korlat Merlot 2016, Korlat Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, Korlat Syrah 2016 and the new wine from the Supreme line Korlat Supreme Cuvee 2013, a top combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. After the introductory words of the marketing director of Badel 1862 Vanja Bartoleca, the guests were also served Vezak Sauvignon 2019, a flagship of white wines from Badel’s portfolio. The whole impression of the wine list was rounded off by the dessert Korlat Merlot Boutique vintage 2017.

The evening to remember was enriched by the imaginative dishes of the famous chef of Esplanade cuisine Ana Grgić, who took the audience on an exciting journey with aromas of earth and wine. All sequences of dishes were expertly paired with the wine list, and Badel’s chief oenologist Dubravko Ćuk presented each wine to the guests. The performance of the young musician Lu Jakelić also contributed to the good atmosphere.

Premium wine loves haute cuisine

Korlat’s dinner at Esplanade’s Zinfandel’s opened with a blend of mushrooms, herbs, mushroom mousse, apple cider vinegar and olive oil that went perfectly with Vezak Sauvignon 2019. Then beetroot, goat cheese arrived on the tables. , pesto and hazelnut that complemented Korlat Merlot 2016. The rich and deep notes of Korlat Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 highlighted the roasted goose liver with marinated pears and juniper bean sauce.

Fine rolls of kale stuffed with lightly smoked duck confit, black lentils and cardamom gave the wind in the back to the strong and aromatic wine Korlat Syrah 2016, and beef cheeks, ragout of black trumpets and morels and timut pepper sauce prepared the palate for the extremely rich wine Korlat Supreme Cuvee 2013. And with the dessert wine full of sweetness Korlat Merlot Boutique 2017, cherry sorbet, candied cherries, dark chocolate crumble and cocoa meringue went perfectly together.

Korlat wines continue superiorly through the top-quality

Korlat red wines were presented to the public in 2007 and have been an unavoidable Croatian wine brand ever since. They have won numerous international and domestic awards for quality, and have won the prestigious Red Dot Award. Among Korlat wines, the Korlat Supreme line is the top offer of luxury red wines of French varieties. These wines are grown in a special microclimate – near the sea, on Dalmatian stone, where at 300 meters above sea level they get a lot of sun and bora.

“Korlat premium wines come from the best and most carefully selected locations within the vineyard. In order to obtain exceptional quality, we reduce yields, pick grapes by hand and choose very carefully so that Korlat reaches its best premium releases. Our latest Korlat Supreme Cuvee 2013 proves this best, ”said Dubravko Ćuk, Chief Oenologist of Badel 1862.

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