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Join the unique club of fans of superb wines and enjoy many perks reserved for a selected group of aficionados.

A club that rewards your passion!

Every cork you take out of a bottle of your favorite Korlat 16 or 17 wine – brings you one reward point.

Fortunately, signing up for the club is so easy that you have time to register before your wine has a chance to breathe and upon registering, your account awaits you with three welcome points!


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12 points

A set of glasses for six wine aficionados

12 points

Cabernet Sauvignon

12 points


12 points


15 points

Merlot Boutique

15 points

A set for pleasant wine nights

25 points


30 points


35 points


50 points

A decanter for pouring passion Mystique

55 points


65 points

A fridge for the passionate

Korlat Club is a loyalty program for the passionate which rewards every purchase of Korlat 16 or 17 wines. Reward points are collected according to the system of 1 cork = 1 point. Collected points can be traded in for many gifts and perks.

How to join the Club?

Participating in the Korlat Club loyalty club is completely free. Register here and become a member of the Korlat Club.

Welcome points

We are giving every new member of the Korlat Club three welcome points! Your points will await you in your account right after you register.

Passion brings you presents

Exchange your points for presents that we will deliver to your address free of charge. Please contact us at with any additional questions you may have regarding exchanging points and choosing gifts.

Start collecting points!

For every purchased bottle of Korlat 16 or 17 wine, you get a point. Points are received after you enter the unique code from the cork into your user account. After correctly entering the code, the point appears in your user account and you can exchange it right away for one of the gifts.

How many points do I have?

The status, overview, and records of your collected points can be seen in your user profile, where you can also update your personal information.

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