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Taste of Passion

Vines enjoy sun and bora wind, they develop, and grow, and … give excellent wine. In the first year, ten awards received at Decanter, Vinitaly, Paris, Bruxelles…

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Korlat Supreme premium wine comes from the best, carefully selected location within the Korlat vineyard.

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Korlat vines 17 range

Korlat Club

Join the unique club of fans of superb wines and enjoy many perks reserved for a selected group of aficionados.

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A set of glasses for six wine aficionados

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Cabernet Sauvignon

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A club that rewards your passion!

Every cork you pull from a bottle of your favorite Korlat wine – brings you one reward point. Fortunately, signing up for the club is so easy that you have time to register before your wine has a chance to breathe and upon registering, your account awaits you with three welcome points!

People of Korlat

Dubravko Ćuk

Head Enologist

His passion for agriculture, land and wines bore fruit in Badel 1862, where he has been helping create a very smooth story since 1995. Our head enologist is a superb expert and also president of the committee for wine sensory evaluation.

People of Korlat

Mladen Forko

Wine Production Manager

His family has been cultivating a passion for wine production for generations. It’s obvious the grapes don’t fall far from the vine because Mladen has been successfully continuing this wonderful tradition with Badel 1862 since 2002.

People of Korlat

Valentino Herceg


His love for nature is visible in daily life so Valentino does what naturally comes to him every day – he creates superb wines.

People of Korlat

Mladen Zrno

Enologist and educator

He appreciates cinematic art and loves wine unlike any that you’ve seen on the silver screen. However, not only does he use the projector for fun, but also for educating the public on Korlat’s superb wines.

People of Korlat

Vanja Cuculić

Designer, Art Director

As a highly regarded and awarded collaborator, Vanja created the visual language that makes our story of passion true eye candy. With his vision, in its very first year, Korlat won the prestigious Red Dot international design award.

Passionate ambassadors

Mirela Kardašević

World record holder in free diving

David Skoko

One of the best Croatian chefs

Ivan Dečak

Founder and lead vocalist in the rock band “Vatra”

Korlat nova berba 2017

Date: 21.10.2021.

Korlat wines 2017

Despite the extremely dry weather from June to August and the sunniest harvest on Korlat position, the early but optimal...

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Date: 09.12.2020.

Korlat 2016 wins awards at prestigious competitions

At the "Emozioni dal Mondo: Merlot e Cabernet insieme" held in Bergamo this October, Korlat Merlot 2016 won the gold medal...  

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Date: 01.12.2020.

Dinner for the passionate with David Skoko

A selected group of true Korlat aficionados won their spot at a secret dinner for the passionate. In the pleasant...

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